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About Cancer Research & Drug Development

The goal of the Cancer R&D:

We kept our promise to gather the best talk and poster introductions at this Cancer Conference from the field of Cancer. Researchers strive to fix and counteract malignant growth through their research and our effort to create a Cancer Conference platform for sharing, organizing and teaming up, and we are happy to say this it’s been a success and we are glad to invite you again at Baltimore, the home of research. We believed and effectively created a bridge between the industry and the scholarly community and establish a scientific network between them. Our Cancer Conference has initiated 2016 and with the same spirit, we are proceeding and propelling numerous sessions. Here we announce our Fifth International Conference on Cancer Research and Drug Development 2020 in Oct 26-28,2020 at Radisson Hotel Baltimore Downtown-Inner Harbor, at the largest independent city Baltimore, USA. We are happy to welcome all the researchers from the field of Cancer to this Cancer Conference, where you can Share, Gear and Develop.

Share, Gear and Develop:

Cancer more than 200 types of diseases. All over the world, many professional’s in universities, medical center’s, colleges and industry are working not only to treat but to prevent it. On this journey to find a cure and prevention for Cancer we, United Scientific Group a Non Profit Organization is doing it’s part to create this knowledgeable platform of Cancer Conference.
USG organizes annually this Cancer conference on where we focus on different types of cancers such as cancer therapies, metastasis, breast cancer, leukemia, oral cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer, prostate cancer, cervical cancer, melanoma and carcinoma. Browse the scientific sessions, find topics relevant to your work and gear to network and help with your discoveries and developments in your interesting research areas. Here you can communicate grab opportunities, to target a multidisciplinary audience of cancer specialists.

Cancer R&D 2020 Industry Symposium

  • Transport and Metabolism in Drug Development
    Chair: Yan Zhang, Director DMPK, Nuvation Bio,NY
    Co-Chair : Jason Boer, Associate Director, Incyte Corporation, DE

Cancer R&D 2020 will be holding symposiums on

  • Multidrug Resistance
    Chair: Suresh V Ambudkar, NCI/NIH, MD
  • From "Genomics" to "Targets". The Cancer Data Analysis and Dissemination
    Chair: Sooryanarayana Varambally, University of Alabama at Birmingham, AL
  • New Concepts and Potential Chemotherapy for Treatment & Prevention of Cancers
    Chairs: Leslie C. Costello, University of Maryland Greenebaum Comprehensive Cancer Center, MD

About Cancer Research & Drug Development Conference 2020

International Conference on Cancer Research and Drug Development concluded in Baltimore in Oct 21-23,2019. As promised, we gathered 135 attendees at this Cancer Conference. We are happy to share that all the cancer conference attendees, speakers and students were very much impressed with the quality of science presented at this cancer meeting. Cancer conferences by United Scientific group are launched in 2016 at Baltimore. USG’s Cancer Conference was at first launched in 2016, with an excellent organizing committee from various institutes. Cancer R&D conference 2019 had 150 attendees and we are glad to share that 26 speakers are from NCI/NIH and many more from University of Maryland and JHU. Having 150 speakers every year at our cancer conference from 17 different countries we are launching our next edition in Baltimore, MD. United Scientific Group (A Non-Profit Organization) hosted four Cancer Conferences with a title "Cancer Research and Targeted Therapy” thrice in USA and once in UK. Having a total of 200 participants and their positive notes we are happy to announce our next Cancer Conference “Fifth International Conference on Cancer Research and Drug Development 2020". Honored with a set of eminent speakers Dr. Andrew Schally Nobel Laureate 1977, Dr. Polly Matzinger, Dr. Thomas Waldmann, Dr. Danny Welch, Dr. Leslie Costello, Dr. Suresh Ambudkar, Dr. Ying Xu, Dr. Michael Gottesman and Dr. Carolyn Compton and many more speakers worldwide. We are happy to welcome you to join the three-day cancer conference with your recent developments in the cancer research. Here we are to promise again to gather interesting talks from all over the world at Cancer R&D-2020 conference.